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Motikom Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headset

Designed for motorcycle riders and outdoor enthusiasts, Motikom headset features State-of-the-art Hybrid Dynamic Noise Cancellation Technology and Leading Bluetooth Intercom. The centerpiece of the Motikom Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headset is an ergonomic neckband. Pair the Noise Cancelling Earphone with a mounting flap adaptor and detachable microphone from our kit and enjoy enhanced communication during your motorcycle ride.

State-of-the-art Noise Cancellation Technology

A good noise cancelling headphone is indispensable to a safe and comfortable motorcycle ride. Our noise cancelling headphone offers excellent hearing protection and relieves ear pressure caused by wind and engine noises, perfect for fast motorcycle riders commuting long distances.

The 5-Level Hybrid Dynamic Noise Cancellation (HDNC™) featured in our noise cancelling headphone is designed to elevate any motorcycle ride. While a hybrid noise cancellation covers a wide range of frequencies and thus provides the best noise cancellation, the 5-level control enables you to decide freely how much sound you want to let in and optimize the HDNC™ to meet your needs. The Ultimate Noise Cancelling Level (Level 1) is the quietest level that minimizes most wind and engine noises and gives you peace of mind. Don’t worry, you still hear car horns and police sirens loud and clear. The Medium Noise Cancelling Level (Level 2) allows more surrounding sound to be heard at a comfortable level. The Mild Noise Cancelling Level (Level 3) lets you hear as much sound as your helmet allows. The Natural Surrounding Sound Level (Level 4) enables you to hear the natural surrounding environment just like you would without a helmet. The Ambience Level (Level 5) makes it possible to hear someone’s whisper – wear our noise cancelling headphone and you can have a conversation with a motorcycle helmet. The state-of-the-art HDNC™ technology aside, our noise cancelling headphone offers motorcycle riders superior sound quality.

User-friendly Design

Motikom prides itself on designing user-friendly headphone for all motorcycle riders. The ergonomic neckband sits comfortably and stably on your neck. You can adjust the size by slightly bending it. The innovative Twist Control System (TCS™) enables motorcycle riders to change a song, pick up a call, activate Siri, etc. by simply twisting the control panel on the headphone without looking. Motorcycling is fun and games but riders are exposed to pollutants and heavy rain at times. With the IP67 dust-resistant and waterproof feature, our headphone makes the lives of motorcycle riders easier. Battery life is another thing you don’t have to worry about. Motikom headphone delivers an industry-leading 25 hours of listening time on one charge, perfect for any long-distance motorcycle ride.

Handy Communication Kit

After a quick installation, motorcycle users can transform our headphone into a headset and enjoy enhanced communication from the mounting flap adaptor and detachable microphone. Better yet, our headset can be paired with all kinds of motorcycle helmets. Wired microphones are compatible with full-face helmets whereas boom microphones with open and half-face helmets. Browse our communication kits and build your motorcycle headset today!

Leading Bluetooth Intercom

Feeling bored motorcycling alone? Wear a Motikom Bluetooth Headset and chat with your motorcycling buddy in real-time within 150 meters. Our Motikom headset adopts the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. Known for its reliability, it offers a very stable connection.

All-day Comfort

Pair the Ergonomic Ecofit™ Ear Gels and Ear Tips with our noise cancelling earphone and your motorcycle ride will be more comfortable than ever. They prevent dislodging and enhance the passive noise cancellation performance by further isolating surrounding sound. The Ecofit™ Ear Gels come in two sizes while the Ear Tips come in three. Pick the right size for you and enjoy the best fit possible!

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